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 Shy chameleon

Hey everyone,

So I’ve had a juvenile male veilded chameleon for a few months now. He’s about 8 or 9 inches nose to tip of tail. Anyway, he’s so shy! It irks me! One of them main reasons I got a chameleon is to see him and marvel at its majesty. This guy sprints for the hills every time I get near the cage. He’s Florida wild caught but I’ve had him for a while now and I just wish he wasn’t so fearful. I’d really love for him to just be content when I’m nearby and not have to run for cover.

If anyone could offer me any tips or or feedback for me regarding making him feel more comfortable in my presence I’d really appriciate it.


Oh and he’s in an extra large reptibreeze with lots of branches, plants, and cover. So he’s got the works when I consider what his housing situation is like.

10/27/17  07:39pm


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 Shy chameleon

Chams are either (in my experience) shy or hateful at first. Keep working with him, try hand feeding and start slow with handling.

11/07/17  04:46pm

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