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 Help! Help! Help!

Hi there I am a first time owner of a 1 and a half month old veiled chameleon.
I got him about 2 weeks ago and ever since then he has been getting thinner and thinner and even though his excrement is consistent with a healthy chameleon, I am concerned.

He only eats 2 (1/4 size) crickets at a time. but seems to LOVE silk worms.
even when he has full access to as much crickets as he wants (in the form of a large feeding cup.) he still only eats 2 at a time. with two feedings a day he gets about 4 crickets in and about 4 silk worms a day.

our setup is pretty simple:
he is in a 12x14x24 inch upright mesh vivarium with a potted Ficus.B and he gets unfiltered natural UVB light 24/7 (except at night obviously). he has water dripper system and along with manual misting every few hours.

Please help!

08/13/17  07:15am

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