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 Chameleon Cage

Can somebody help me choose the right chameleon cage setup Link

05/12/17  05:43am


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  Message To: NickDenek   In reference to Message Id: 2320671

 Chameleon Cage

Finding the right setup really depends on the climate of your living conditions. If you live in a hot and humid area, a mesh cage would work. If you live somewhere cold a dry, a glass cage will keep in the humidity. Though I am not a professional I have done my fair share of research on these little guys.

09/04/17  09:47am


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  Message To: BabyCham17   In reference to Message Id: 2321185

 Chameleon Cage

even though I owe a chameleon not for long I was learning about its optimal living conditions before buying and I would rather agree with you. Humidity between 50-60% is essential to be kept so check it regularly. come up with this as well. check out hygrometers Link as an additional tool.

04/03/18  02:17am

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