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Jkrimzz59   Eris  

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 Chameleon broken shoulder

Need advice i dont got much cash i need to treat my chameleon it looks like she has a broken shoulder cause shes favoring the other sholder alot more than the other and the way she tends to walk to the side instead of straight

10/30/16  04:35pm


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  Message To: Jkrimzz59   In reference to Message Id: 2319712

 Chameleon broken shoulder

Sorry to hear that your chameleon is hurt. Did you see her injure herself? How long has she been favoring one side? Is she still eating and drinking? How are her stools? Also it is helpful to know what species, age, and the husbandry you are providing for her (diet, temps, humidity, lighting, supplements, cage setup ect). If you did not see an injury occur, there may other concerns like MBD. Either way, I would suggest contacting a reptile vet ASAP for a consult. Chameleons stress easily and can go down hill quick.

11/02/16  05:40pm

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