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 Gravid Jacksons Chameleon

I purchased a pair of W/C Jacksons Chameleons from LLL Reptiles back on 1/2016. Both are kept separate in their own 18"x15"x48" open air enclosure. Both seem to be healthy and eating very good, eating on a daily basis (have been feeding gut loaded Dubia Roaches since day one) they both have their own drip system and I lightly spray them also (in mornings, when I get home from work and sometimes at night. They bred back in 4/2016 roughly 5-6 times over a week span as they were outside on the warmer days on our vining Carolina Jasmine. The female has progressively gotten big pretty quick in the last 3 months. Not sure if she was gravid when I first got her and she is really showing now. It’s been roughly 7 months since I’ve gotten them both. I went to Charlotte NC for business just earlier this week and just gotten back and she has not ate for 2 days and she is climbing on her vines unusually then normal and noticed that she is hanging upside down at times too..

Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendation, what to be looking for? Since she has gotten so big, so heavy would it be normal for her to be hanging upside down as describe???

08/18/16  02:28pm

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