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 Chameleon always wants out of his cage

I have a veiled chameleon that always wants out of his cage. If I open the door, he is out within 10-20 seconds. He is about 5 months old and healthy. He has a 3 ft enclosure with a hanging pothos plant and several vines and branches to climb on. He is a good eater but he prefers anything over crickets. He gets crickets, wax worms, Goliath worms, meal worms, and super worms (varied) they are dusted with calcium and he gets D3 every other week and vitamins and minerals every other week. He also has an outdoor enclosure for natural sun. His enclosure has UVB and UVA lighting. He is very fast too-he almost runs everywhere he goes. He’s been like that since the day I got him. We had a female in the past and she was very solitary and slow so this chameleon is a completely different experience for me. Should I be worried or is this his personality?

07/05/16  03:47pm

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