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 Incubators for breeding

this may be helpful for breeders -

A small Los-Angeles based company called Tritech Research manufactures and sells incubators that were originally intended for use in lab research and cell culture. Recently, I learned that a reptile breeder used the Tritech standard DigiTherm incubator for his chameleons, and was extremely successful with it. I am reading about reptile breeders struggling to maximize their viable eggs because of how delicate the incubation process is, so I wanted to share this option. A breeder shared that he was able to get almost $75,000 worth of Parsons chameleons out of one lot of eggs with this incubator.

The standard incubator is pricey - $1000 for the basic package - but well worth it if you have difficulty breeding your reptiles. The incubator is capable of circadian heating and cooling cycles. It can also maintain 70-80% internal humidity if a water tray is placed inside because it is a closed system that does not circulate outside air.

You can find details on the TritechResearch website under "incubators"

06/20/16  11:17am

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