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 Possibly selling male panther chameleon

I live in Bryan, TX. I am thinking of possibly selling my adult male panther chameleons. I have to ambilobe. One is a green with very bright orange & white when impressing the ladies. The other is about 2 years younger, he is a very pretty blue, green & yellow. When he is showing off, he gets a bright red under his throat & head. He also turns a very nice purple & yellow when not in a happy mood. Both are very healthy & eat quite well. Just seeing if there is anyone that would be interested. I want to keep them & probably could keep them but I am recently married & recovering from a wedding, honeymoon & trying to get ready to go house hunting. They are each in their own homemade cage which would be included if the buyer wants or needs them. I also have 2 frilled dragons, one is a full grown male close to 2 feet long, the other is younger & still growing. Thanks for your time & any interest.

06/15/16  08:45am

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