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Bwic1996   Eris  

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 Dying chameleon

My chameleon has recently gotten sick and has gotten worse very fast. He does not move, struggles heavely with breathing, and has turned dark black with green outlining. I’m not sure what’s wrong and I have taken him to the vet about a week ago before it got this bad because I thought he had a respiratory infection and they gave him antibiotics and he got a lot better and then today in a matter of hours his health went very poor very fast. Please give me your best Intel

04/20/16  08:48pm


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 Dying chameleon

Sorry to hear that your cham is not doing well at all. Best bet would to contact your vet right away, if you haven’t all ready. If your vet does not specialize in reptiles, reach out to one who does. Chameleons can be delicate little creatures and its not uncommon for little guys to go down hill fast. I wish you the best of luck and hope that he pulls through.

04/24/16  04:38pm

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