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 New veiled chameleon general health

Hi all,
I’m sure you get a ton of this on here, but I recently got a female(?) veiled(?) chameleon accidentally. By which I mean there was a house fire, and its original care taker has bigger fish to fry right now. Anyhow, the creature underwent some serious stress during the move, and I’m worried about her general stress. She is in a reasonably sized cage with a light. There is nothing visibly long with her body; no sores, no eye problems indicating infection or dehydration, no bent-looking limbs. I’ve got a dripper going in there now, but I have not seen her drink. The local pet store fellow who seemed to know chameleons gave me crickets, so I’ve tossed a few in there. She went for one earlier, but missed, but I presume she had better luck since I was away at work.
Anyhow, my biggest concern is that although she is climbing, it seems to be quite a task for her. She moves extremely slowly, and seems to have trouble supporting her wait. She also seems quite unsure of herself when getting from branch to branch. I’m worried about a calcium deficiency, but I have no idea honestly.
Any advice on what to do with her would be appreciated.

Here she is earlier today:

it seems now she has descended to the bottom of the cage, which seems like an unfortunate sign.

04/12/16  05:41pm


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  Message To: TehGiraffe   In reference to Message Id: 2317784

 New veiled chameleon general health

It sounds like a calcium problem, give calcium and vitamins asap before she get mbd. Spray the plants to see if it helps, I have 5 babies/juvies and they seem to drink from plants. If she’s stressed only bother her when necessary.

04/12/16  06:55pm

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