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 Is my cham normal

Okay so I got a Chameleon about 2 weeks ago he isnt very big, and I have the humidity at 70% and maintain it with a fogger, and i spray the cage down twice daily with a mister spray bottle, do i still need a dripper? and the bottom of the cage stays around 65-70°f and the top is only getting to about 85, most things i have read said about 90, the pet store told me 120, The cage is 2footx2foot, and 4 foot high, I have a 100 and 60 watt blue basking balbs, and 5.0uvb light.I do not have any red light for night BC it doesn’t get below 60 degrees is that okay, or do i need more lights? and have all real plants, a FICA hibiscus and this other thing all told were okay with organic soil. The bottom ibhave coconut husk. George the Chameleon is eating fine I’ve been giving him worm things and, 12 crickets daily, is that enough or should I feed more, he is about 5 inches long tail not include. Another question what is a "normal" color sometimes he will get bright, like when I am misting or when I go to feed him, when he is just chilling he tends to be a dark green, and brown, he hasn’t turned black but he is darker than he is lighter... Is that normal? And I haven’t ever took him out of his cage, he runs from me so I just leave him well alone is that okay, or do I need to "socialize" him. If I could figure out how to add a picture ill be more than happy to share so you knowledgeable ones can see George’s coloring and his habitat and offer advice...thank you for reading and helping

03/08/16  11:38am


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 Is my cham normal

Hello and congrats on your new Chameleon. You did not mention what kind of chameleon you the questions of temperature will be on what kind he is. I do feel that 120 degrees seems extreme for most Chameleons.

If you are spraying him often and giving him the opportunity to drink you should not need a dripper. I came across a clever idea of setting an ice cube atop the screen and allowing it to drip as it melts. Sounds like you are feeding him well, do be sure that you are including a vitamin and calcium supplement. Also its important to gut-load the crickets too (I use a home made gut load-blended collard greens, apple, squash, sweet potato, carrot, then frozen in little cubes for later). Crickets that come from chain pet stores and not properly fed and "you are what you eat".

Hard to say for sure on his color-a picture would help, dark colors could be from improper heating or stress.... or he could just be blending in to his environment. (when my pygmy chameleons hang out on the branches they are dark/brown and turn a pale green when they sit in the plants.)

Most chameleons stress out easily with handling. Before attempting to handle him, I would give him time to get used to his new home and new family. Also don’t force interactions if he does not want it. With time he may become comfortable enough to allow short time of handling, but I would still limit handling to basic needs of cleaning, health inspections, ect.

It is great that you have live plants, it helps with humidity and surly makes them feel more at home. Overall it sounds like George has a good set up and a great home!

03/08/16  08:28pm

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