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Flap   Takahiro111  

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 Hlep i thank she is sick

i bought my girlfriend a baby veiled shes 4 mounts old and has stopped eating she trays to eat but it like she cannot extend here tong all the way to get the mill worms and she has stopped moving around she sits in one spot with one eye closed she can open it but most of the time she keeps here right eye closed i have every thing she needs foger vitamins worms and a little driper zoo med cage and a day lamp and a night lamp i am really word about here its been three days cents she has eaten plz help i did months of research be for buying here

01/01/16  11:32am


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  Message To: Flap   In reference to Message Id: 2316372

 Hlep i thank she is sick

Where did you buy the chameleon from? What’s the set up like(cage,heat,humidity, light)? Do you give calcium supplements?

01/01/16  12:35pm

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