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 Panther Cham-purchased male, received female!! (They won’t replace)

Hello everyone, I recently ordered a male Blue Bar Ambilobe Panther Chameleon from Backwater Reptiles on-line. As tge little guy reached his 5th month, I started wondering if maybe he was a female due to the fact that no kind of color was showing. I e-mailed Backwater Reptiles & they had me send pictures. Upon review of the pictures, they came to the conclusion that this chameleon is in fact a female. As a first time Panther Chameleon owner I had/have no idea how to sex this awesome lizard except to look for the coloration that males begin showing between 4-6 mths of age. Although there are many reasons I love these creatures, the beautiful coloration of the males is what mainly attracted me to these awesome creatures. They advertised a male. I purchased & ordered a male, and received a female. I was told that because it’s been so long that I purchased her, they cannot offer me a male at $0 cost. I was told I can get a male at a discounted price. I had no way of knowing it was a female until now that she’s 5-6 mths old. I am very disappointed to say the least. I do feel kinda bad giving her up, but I just can’t have 2 of them right now. I would very much like to find her a new home & I am only looking to get what I paid for her so that I can purchase the male. With the holidays near I really can’t afford to buy another Chameleon without at least getting some money back for her. I paid $190 + $35 shipping. I am asking for $175 + shipping. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with her. She is fed well & is healthy. Is anyone interested or can anyone advise me on what to do? Thanks for reading...sorry so long![Image]

12/03/15  10:38pm

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