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 Sick Veil Chameleon

I have a male veil chameleon that is three years old. He keeps gasping for air and is having a hard time grasping branches, etc. I took him to the veterinarian in which they did blood work and took xrays. He has also been constipated. The vet stated that in the xray he didnt seem constipated and that they would give him Baytril, Calcium, and another prescription for gas. Off and on he has been doing better, but at times he just wants to lay down and do nothing. Is this normal for him or is the medication making him do this. I am also soaking him for about 10 minutes a day in warm water. As of today we still do not have the blood results from the vet. I am so attached to Sam, I am doing whatever I can to make sure that he makes it!

11/25/15  07:13am

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