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 Chameleon With NO tongue!

Hey everyone!

So I work at a vet, and one day we had a boy call in saying he has a young chameleon who was hanging by his tongue in his cage and that tongue was turning a blue/black. POOR GUY! So after urging and begging him to bring it in, he was told it needed surgery, and after complaining about the cost, they relinquished it to us so we can operate on it. Fast forward, and here we have a little chameleon with teeny tiny stub for a tongue, weathering the tongue unless.

This little guy is so emaciated and shows little to no appetite, and we were told to syringe feed him an Oxbow Omnivore/Carnivore mix and some baby food. It’s been about two weeks and he still looks super skinny. I’ve tried crushing crickets and seeing if he might go for that but he was not liking it. The other day we had to take him for fluids because he was just sitting curled in a ball ):

I don’t want this little guy to hate eating, that sounds like a terrible way to live! Is there any good but easy treats to offer this guy? What do your chams like to snack on? I’m willing to try anything and everything, my vet said to ask around maybe other’s have some ideas, otherwise it’s just a syringe full of this formula for him.

Thank you!!!

10/10/15  08:02pm

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