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Savannah-@1   The Learned Lizard  

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 New baby veiled! Help!!

Just got a new baby veiled a couple of days ago and I’m worried about him. He’s a light shade of green and he hasn’t been eating very much, he’ll eat like 2 or 3 crickets and he won’t eat the next day. I know they should be eating a lot more than that. Haven’t seen him drink any water from the dropper or the leaves. Should I be worried??

09/19/15  07:02pm


The Learned Lizard
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  Message To: Savannah-@1   In reference to Message Id: 2314951

 New baby veiled! Help!!

Dont stress the chameleon. How old is he ?
Be very slow around him, dont wear bright colours. What vits and sups will he be having. What gut load to the crickets have.
Chams need a varied diet. Try small locusts too.

11/09/15  09:14am

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