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 HELP! Chameleon is sick

My chameleon for the past few days has been acting very weird. She’s very lethargic and stays on the bottom of the cage. She has these grey white spots all over her body that won’t go away. I have’t seen her actually eat but the crickets I put in her cage are not there anymore so I am assuming she ate them.. When I touch her she is cold. She doesn’t try to bask or get any warmer. I’m really scared for her.. She has UV lights that I keep on for 12 hours a day and a red heat light that stays on all of the time.. it’s about 95 degrees at the top of the cage and about 75 at the bottom. We have a fogger that keeps the humidity at around 80%. Oh and I dust the crickets with the calcium before I give them to her.. I also try and take her out into direct sunlight every few days to absorb the sunlight... her cage has branches and vines... and it is a glass enclosure with screen at the top....

08/05/15  08:51pm


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 HELP! Chameleon is sick

wish I knew more about Chams... the glass enclosure in the direct sun is like an oven ...I hope you are taking the Cham out of the enclosure??

Have you tried to find an exotic Vet?? Call around and get a plan before it is too late. The spots...are they new / different? They might be a fungal infection.

What UVB lamp do you use?? Exact name and brand and power rating

08/10/15  07:10pm

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