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 Quick question about changing senegal setup

I just purchased/rescued my first chameleon last week. I did all the research first and bought the whole enclosure and setup that he was living in cuz I figured it would be less stressful all around that way for him. From the second I saw his setup I knew I had some money I was going to need to spend to give him the enclosure he needs. The previous owner had a coil uvb with a mini dome fixture.. she said the bulb was over a year old as well. Once I got it home and setup I did a temp check directly under the basking bulb and it was right around 71. Lowest part of the enclosure was barely over 60. So I got the linear 5.0 and a better bulb and he’s seemed to love it. He brightened up the first day. And showed the brown colors while basking. Took him a little less than a week to start eating. But now that I have his temps and humidity right. I started focusing on the half dead plants that were in there and small pebbles on the bottom of his tank. I bought a umbrella plant to replace the sad excuse for plants in there now. What would be the best way to swap out the plants without stressing him out too bad?(considering he just started eating and is looking better) I thought of taking him out once a day and letting him explore and get used to the umbrella plant for a few days and then do the swap out. But I wanted to get your guys opinions on it first. Anyways sorry for the book any opinions would be great thanks

12/27/13  09:22am


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 Quick question about changing senegal setup

Try to get ficus plants or so and place one in his inclosure so he canfeel hidden and he will start biting on leaveas but just make sure it has no toxins or fertilizers in themand that will make it look cool and make him happy

01/13/14  10:26pm

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