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 Will stress make a cham vomit?

i have just recently gotten a half grown cham, i did not feed him the first night because he was so stressed cause he was in the process of shedding when i bought him. the next day around 1pm i gave him some millworms and he ate about 10 of them. the store said he was a great eater and they had him for about 2 weeks. he was healthy looking and not the least bit skinny. i give him and heat light at night and a uvb bulb during the day. i came home from work today to find a pile of millworms at the bottom of his cage undigested. i assume he threw up. he has only been here 48hrs and i know he is probably still stressed. his cage is 2’x3’x4’ (depthXwidthXheight) And is screen exept fir the backing and he id sprayed 3times daily hevily (his cage not him) . ijust put some artificial vines and a small ficus in his cage tonight so all that was in there the first night was the grapevines. should i be concerned about him throwing up his food or is it just stress? he is about 4" from nose to vent. so he is almost full grown. please let me know if i should be concerned. (this was done on a phone so sorry for typos) thank you

11/08/13  06:42pm


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 Will stress make a cham vomit?

Give him time to adjust and try some crickets make sure to use calcium powder and alternate feedings with a multivitamin and if your house stays 65 degrees or higher don’t use a night bulb they need complete darkness for proper sleep

11/24/13  12:44am

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