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We were given a veiled chameleon a few days ago. The girl was moving and couldn’t keep him. He seems to be doing very good adjusting to us and our house. His house is in my older daughters room, she’s a headphones and music quiet reading type so it’s generally quiet in there for him. We were told to feed him 5 crickets a day. They are pretty big fat crickets IMO but I have no idea how big these things can be. They seem to be a good mouthful when he grabs one. He is eating them immediately when we put them in and what I’m reading on here and other places online I’m wondering if we need to feed him more. We also have been turning off the light because it was hard for my daughter to sleep with it on, but we are leaving on the heat lamp (not sure what it’s called) so the temperature stays in the 80’s. There is no way I can feed him mice, that would be too much for this momma! Lol. We do plan to get him some of those caterpillars as treats this weekend so any advice in that area would be appreciated. I will say that he seems happy, even when she was showing him to us he was hissing at her and he only hisses at us when we spritz a little to close and it mists him. I can’t seem to get the photo to load but I added him to my Pinterest Board, here is the link.

09/03/13  05:28pm


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The lights need to be on for 12 hours and off 12 hours making up their regular 24 hour sleep cycle and feed him how much he can eat but keep temperature up for proper digestion and the food can’t be more bigger than 2/3 of their heads

09/06/13  10:20pm

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