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 Are Dasychira basiflava caterpillars poisonous?

hay all!
haven’t posted in like forever... but I have a question.

Are Dasychira basiflava caterpillars (aka:YELLOW-BASED TUSSOCK MOTH larva) poisonous to veiled chameleons?

I was able to find 15 or so of them and thought they might be a tasty treat for my cham. I was able to identify them through the website, but it didn’t mention if they were poisonous. i’m asking because I do know that in nature normally bright colors mean poison and I don’t want to hurt my cham.

my research has found that the hickory tussock is mildly poisonous but I can find no info on the yellow-based tussock moth.

pls help asap as I think they are ready to change.

08/19/13  11:42pm

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