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Stachurski   Takahiro111  

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 Veiled chameleon help

I have owned a veiled chameleon for about a year now, so I recently switched him to a much bigger cage, the temps are all correct about 95 in one area and 80 for the rest and like 70 at the bottom now he just darker and has brown stripes on him since I put him in the new way bigger cage, he eats and moves around like normal but his color is still different any one know what the issue might be ???

08/02/13  07:15pm


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 Veiled chameleon help

If he’s eating and moving normally that’s a good sign because he’s exploring his wonderful enclosure you set up,but the color changing I think has something to do with the changing of the cage size see if he’s color would go back normal when he settle in he’s probably shy that’s how my water dragons were when I got them from a bad owner first they were dark brown,cold with infections now there green again thanks to me and a bigger tank.

08/02/13  09:43pm

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