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 Veiled Chameleon Lumps

My 3 yr old Veiled Chameleon has two LUMPS that have appeared literally overnight on his on jaw and one on forehead area. they are not open sores, just raised bumps covered with his normal looking skin. he ACTS healthy, eating great, moving all around cage, killer grip, normal change in what i am feeding or how, no change in cage temp or misting schedule... and he ACTS like same old Rango. Im SCARED!! Is this normal? absolute only change we have made is a week ago i changed out the bedding in his cage, replaced with reptibark type stuff that petsmart said was best for them (he doesnt really hang out down there anyway tho). I keep feces picked up, clean enviroment...

07/31/13  12:39am


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  Message To: Possumsgirl   In reference to Message Id: 2300073

 Veiled Chameleon Lumps

Generally, seasoned keepers do not use any substrate in a cham’s enclosure, due to the possibility of molds, fungus, bacteria in the wet/humid environment a cham needs. Newspaper or paper towels are usually preferred.

Is is possible your cham could have been nibbled on by a cricket? Could there be parasites in the Repti Bark? What were you using before you switched to Repti Bark?

If Pet Smart employees really knew chameleons, they would tell you that no substrate is best for them. They’re arboreal, they don’t need substate.

08/01/13  06:52pm

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