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Ok so I have a question about my new Senegal Chameleon. I am worried that he is not acting the way he should, I have been researching them and all the sites say that they are not social creatures and that they dont like to be touched much, so i tryed this. But what happens is that everyday around the same time he goes up to the doors of his cage and he taps on the glass or makes these little grunting sounds everytime he sees me in the room, and he does this till i open the door and pick him up, then he wants to stay on me and refuses to go back in his cage, and if i just drop him on his vine in his cage, he makes these little sounds like he is crying and it makes me feel kinda sad for him so i end up letting him back out again. Is this normal for male chameleons this age? His birthday is Febuary 2nd of this year, just a few months ago.

06/14/13  04:34pm


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I think he want your attention my water dragons let me know they want to come out by scratching the glass.But when a reptile makes noise when it see you it may be a sign of aggression or dominance some reptiles do that because they think your avaiding their privacy.

08/02/13  09:49pm

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