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 6month old Veiled Cham named skitch.

I have a Veiled Cham who eats regularly, small phospurous free calcium and vitamin d dusted crickets. He resides in a large 20x20x40" screen enclosure. I mist the cage and him 3 or more times daily keeping his humidity above 75% at all times. His room in the house has a heater so I keep his temp around 75 during the day and around 65 during the night. Never dropping below 60 degrees Fahrenheit. I have a Zilla (tropical 25) 15w Uvb light ontop of his house. But for some reason he will not open up his right eye. His is scraping and pressing it against everything in his enclosure hard enough to make me turn away in fear of him "popping" his eye. No matter what he will not open it. I have tried rinsing it under a slow stream of warm water under the sink. I do not see any obstructions nor does it look swollen. Can anyone shed some light on what might be going on with this guy? Much apreciated

04/29/13  01:10pm


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 6month old Veiled Cham named skitch.

That is very interesting. Does that uvb light happen to be a coil? If so switch it IMMEDIATELY, these have been linked to serious eye issues in reptiles. Other than that, if has has gotten anything in his eye, you wont be able to see it since he will not open it. Is he shedding? Is it possible he may have some really stuck shed on that eye? You can try some mineral oil or olive oil with a soft qtip on the area if that is the case. You can also use Turtle drops on his eye, that can be bought at any local pet store. Just follow the instructions on the box.
I would recommend a vet visit in any case, it sounds very bad if he is scraping it on things.
Good luck..


04/29/13  08:45pm

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