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Huff2   Rexxaroo  

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 Missing Nails

I have a male Cham. Lately I have noticed that he is missing some of his claws. He doesnt have any other issues in that he eats normally etc. Im just wondering if there is anything I can do to help him out. And if they will grow back. Any information would be great.


04/03/13  03:22pm


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  Message To: Huff2   In reference to Message Id: 2294943

 Missing Nails

They may grow back if they are not broken at the base, but that is still a maybe.
All you really can do is watch to make sure they are not inflamed, and that they do not get infected over time.
Is there anything that could have possibly caught his nails causing them to rip off? I would look for things like that as well.
Good luck!


04/04/13  08:44pm

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