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 Help eye closed

Hey guys and girls, my mid age chameleon has recently started to close his left eye for long periods of time, it is not crusty or swallon but it’s just closed, I don’t no what this is of what’s causing it please help

04/03/13  10:24am


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  Message To: Stachurski   In reference to Message Id: 2294921

 Help eye closed

What kind of uv bulb do you have specifically?
What are humidity levels, and does the eye look sunken at all?
Do you by chance have any photos of the eye?
and do you have a loose substrate that could have caused something to be caught in his inner eyelid?
Sorry for all the questions just wanna eliminate the possible culprits.
He could be dehydrated, have something within the eye, or be having an issue with an incorrect UV fixture. (some bulbs output are far too high for chams, and have been known to cause eye issues)
You could try some repti turtle drops that you can acquire at nearly any petco or petsmart or any pet store really.

Good luck!!


04/04/13  08:50pm


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  Message To: Rexxaroo   In reference to Message Id: 2295042

 Help eye closed

Well before you go stressing him by medicating something thats not needed , If its not swollen or infected looking ,leave it just observ it and if it looks infected take him to a vet get a proper diagnoses done .

04/14/13  01:58am

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