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 Repterium chameleon cage

I was wondering if a repterium cage whould work for a jacksons chameleon?

03/09/13  12:33pm


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  Message To: Gravycanfield   In reference to Message Id: 2293475

 Repterium chameleon cage

Hi, not sure if you got a response to your question, but when i saw it I thought i would tell you of our experience with our "repterium". We made ours to measure 3’x3’x6’tall (it is basically the same size as a phone booth). It took up a good portion of our entry way. Our female Jackson Chameleon loved it but it seemed way too big in proportion to her little body. We had enough room in there for about 4 Chameleons (which don’t like to be housed together) so for us it was too much wasted space. We ended up purchasing a tall bird cage for her and put in some ivy that I have trained to grow up one half of the cage walls, a small schefflera and some small creeping ficus plants as well. We did attatch a deeper container to the bottom of the cage with wires as the cage did not come with a bottom (second hand) to plant the plants in sterile potting soil covered with some kind of reptile bark stuff that came in a brick. She seems very happy and climbs up and down the sticks to get drinks off the plants, to eat and just because she wants to i guess. We have made a drip line for her water that we attatch to .5lt water bottles and then it "rains" in her cage. We also mist her and her plants with bottled water. The reptarium might work for you if you have plenty of room but for us it was over kill. We have kept it though and have it in the backyard for lizard outings and maybe we will someday get a larger lizard that can fill it up a little more. I hope this was helpful.

06/02/13  11:01pm

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