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Hi there I guess you can say I am new. Though I been apart of repticzone for about 5 years now. A little about myself I have owned and breed different type of reptiles mainly tegus and snakes. I have owned monitors as well. As of now I am breeding red tegus, and a new lizard I am interested in Madagascar iguana’s, but for years I been learn and research on every reptile to be exact 10 years and the one I have found to be cool was the Chameleons, and about 3 weeks ago I got a Veiled chameleon. He is a light grey with blue and green (will get pics soon) a little on the skinny side though and that brings my question he eats with no problem, but when it comes to eating on sight that’s a no go he likes to wait about 10 minutes and stalks his prey. I put in 16 crickets in their and the will all be gone but it takes about 3-4 days. I also feed him roaches but he eats those every now and then I put 3 in there and in about a week they will be gone. My question would be is how can I make him eat more or you can say more with a passion? He is on a 4x4x4 screen cage with 2 live plants that he loves and 2 fake ones hanging at the top I got 2 65 watt flood lights and a red light for night I spray his cage down twice a day. I tried to offer worms but he will look at them for about 30 minutes then poop in the bowl lol so I guess that’s his way of telling me they are crap. I dust all his food with calcium and vitamins D3 he is about 12 inches long. I had offer green beans but no go yet. His basking spot gets about 95-100 I can make cooler or hotter if needed. He is an overall good lizard just would like to see more fat on him. An I rarely pick up any of my reptiles so no worries on me handling him to much.

02/25/13  05:36pm

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