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 Considering a chameleon

I think chameleons are really cool! I understand that they are not beginner reptiles but i know i could pull it off because i was told the same with saltwater tanks for beginners and mine does amazing. I have been doing a lot of research and I have some things remain vague so I figured I’d come here. Are they really that difficult to care for and why. I know they are not fond of handling but how often would it be appropriate and how do I hold them. How forgiving are they for small mistakes? How often do you have to feed and how many crickets? Live plants or fake? What should the humidity be? SUBSTRATE?? how clean are they and disease free? How easy would it be for someone to take care of if I was on vacation? How often do I clean the cage? And do they hide the majority of the time or can I walk by and see them basking or hunting a cricket?
For any questions on chameleon I was planning on adopting an adult veiled chameleon from someone local who cannot take care of it anymore (don’t know who yet...) preferably adult male because they are more vibrant and I don’t have to deal with egg laying. If they are not available though I would go a state over to a pet store where chameleons are legal and buy one. How much would I be looking at for all the supplies for a terrarium and put it together myself, and how much do veileds generally go for at a pet store. Hope someone can help me out with some answers! Btw my parents are concerned about salmonella? And I am pretty set on a veiled chameleon. I am new to the reptile hobby

01/05/13  10:09am


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 Considering a chameleon

Hey! You have many questions, and I think your research online would be best, for cage requirements, humidity, lighting etc. Keep researching care sheets online. Here are some basics for starters, which you may already know so sorry if im repeating myself...

1. Use a cage, not a glass aquarium.. While they need humidity, they need airflow, so an aquarium isnt a good idea.
2. UVB lighting is necessary, and veiled cham need to have a slightly warmer basking spot so a small heat bulb is necessary also
3. They can get rather large, so bigger cage is better....
4. Veiled do not like to be handled and are crabby, so handling minimally is best. Some species that can tolerate handling a bit better are Jackson’s and Graceful Chameleons.
5. They are beautifully colored but sometimes that can be a sign of stress, so you don’t want your veiled exposed to prolonged stress...

If anyone in the forum has more info, or something I said was incorrect, feel free to post.

Good luck with your chameleon!

01/27/13  09:31pm

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