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 My female may be pregnant (or sick)

hey, any help would be greatly appreciated!
i have a female veiled chameleon that i purchased from a pet store in March.

given that it was around 2 to 3 months then, it’s probably a year old.

for the past two days it has been walking on the ground. at first i thought she fell so i put her back on her limb, where she stayed for a half hour and then walked back to the floor.

i work at the pet store i bought her from so i’m used to caring for many different animals, but i dont know what could be wrong.

i have a 3 ft tall terrarium, tropical soil on the bottom, a UVA UVB and infrared. i also have an automatic reptifogger that i turn on 2 - 3 times a day. i read that she may be about to lay eggs, or egg bound. which worries me.

i cant see any eggs or feel anything on her belly. every thing looks completely normal except her brown spots became a little darker against her green skin.

thank you so much

12/10/12  05:15am


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  Message To: Pohlers   In reference to Message Id: 2287381

 My female may be pregnant (or sick)

i also forgot to add that it’s hard to tell, but i believe she’s eating less than normal. her 40 crickets are lasting longer than they normally do.

i calcium dust them at least once a week.
i also take her outside to get real UVB rays.
and soak her in warm water to help with sheds.

she eats fruits and veggies maybe thrice a month :D

12/10/12  05:20am

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