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Tracykins   Alan J  

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someone please help me. My cham has turned a light grey with yellow stripes, and from what i have read it said something about they are close to death at that point. I dont know what to do. I have a 175 gallon mesh cage. she has a uvb light, she has heat lamp. i use a variety of dusting calcium on her food. with b3 without b3 and a multivitamin. she has live plants and fake vines. i water her cage 2 to 3 time a day. her temps stay about 80 durning the day and drop to about 75 to 70 degrees at night. i think she has eggs that she needs to lay, and i have a 5 gallon egg laing bin in her cage but she hasnt been in it yet. in need help!!!!!

11/05/12  12:32am


Alan J
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Tracykins HI.
Cant comment on your set up dont like full mesh vivs myself .
Wot is she ?
Pics of her would realy help
Wot is the humidaty level in the viv .
Discribe the egg laying sight you have provided her with is it coverd or out in the open ,can she get into it and out wot sand/soil is in it temp of the sight will help

11/05/12  01:35pm

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