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 Thinking about getting a chameleon

Ok I have a water dragon and it was my first lizard and I’ve had only for about a week but he’s kind of expensive for and I know there not really for beginners and they need a bunch of room and I can’t afford that in budget right now. So I was thinking maybe about a chameleon since the cages I found for them are little cheaper. But are they really hard to care for my room temp stays about 70 to 75 f all day and night. I would really love a chameleon over a water dragon and I’m wondering if y’all could help with my decision thanks :)

08/09/12  12:49pm


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  Message To: Jordan_23   In reference to Message Id: 2276218

 Thinking about getting a chameleon

I personally don’t think you should own any reptile considering you have owned a water dragon for "about a week" even though you knew you couldn’t afford to care for it and give it the room it needs, and now your considering getting rid of it and replacing it with a chameleon? What happens when you get bored of that and fancy something else?

09/10/12  01:06pm

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