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 Quick Oustalet’s Question

Hey everyone,

We just picked up a pair of Oustalet’s from a friend of ours a couple days ago. As the move was so recent, I am not surprised that the male has not been eating so far, but our friend informed us that he generally went to the floor of the tank to "search for food," which struck me as strange for a chameleon. As these are our first chameleons, I was wondering if it was common for other people’s chams to root around the floor for food. There are superworms and other various worms in the bottom, but crickets and hissing roaches are offered in the vines above, and the female is already eating those happily.

Also, the male appears a little on the thin side anyway. I would very much appreciate any tips relating to getting a finicky cham to eat. We’re hoping that he will settle into his new home and eat on his own, but we want to be prepared :)

The chameleons are each approximately a foot long, if this is relevant.

Thanks for your time!

05/20/12  07:22pm


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  Message To: Cairas765   In reference to Message Id: 2267020

 Quick Oustalet’s Question

I am also looking to add one of those to are collection.

well to start off chameleon only go to the ground because

1. about to lay eggs
2. bone disease (A.K.A no uvb light so having serious issues that should be addressed asap.)
3. to die.

for chams laying on the group is vary weird, mine at one point did but and turns out the uvb light was bad so i had to give meds.

as for being skinny sometime its nothing and could be everything with chams you can’t really tell, normally chams can hide there sickness REALLY well.

05/20/12  11:41pm

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