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Hello I have a pair of chameleons calypratus and I also want to breed but not before I document very well, can someone help me with all detailed for a success? Is good incubator (reptibator) or homemade one that you recommend? Thank you!

11/15/11  07:20am


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to be perfectly honest there is no set recipe for success other than knowledge and experience.
to put what is generally accepted as being good husbandry would take up far more room than is practical for this forum. the best advice i can give is to study all issues from across the web, not just here, but read every calyptratus care sheet and thread you can find including help clinic ones. most newcomers dont realize how complex issues of cham husbandry and nutrition can be.

the best choice of incubator, depends on how much money you want to spend, you can actually incubate in deli cups in a closet. you can get a decent incubator for under a $100, you can get a really nice one for under $200, you can get get ones that are approaching lab quality for under $500. a reptibator is a decent incubator, but depending on where you live you might want to shell out an extra 50$ for the mini fridge type that cools too, imo its a better incubator anyway. juargon and brinsea makes some really awesome incubators. there are some really great deals on ebay, sometimes lab quality incubators that originally went for over a $1000 are on there for under $200

but an incubator is the least of your worries. first you need to learn to take care of them, before you worry about breeding them. many people dont really want to do the study and imo, these are mostly the people that never really get the hang of it.
you should be aware that breeding chams is very hard on them. any cham not thriving and in tip top shape is likely to suffer hard to reverse possibly fatal issues after birthing, that goes for the off spring that comes from them as well. might also be a good idea to budget for at least 1 vet visit per animal before you buy an incubator.
im just saying whats important is important, and a vet visit could very well be more important to the survival your chams than an incubator. not trying to rain on the parade, just trying to give you a heads up on the realities of it.

11/21/11  05:32am


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  Message To: Xanthoman   In reference to Message Id: 2244894


Very sound advice xanthoman

11/30/11  11:03pm

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