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 UVB lighting

Hello, I was wondering if anyone had done any research on the Zilla tropical fixture. I glanced at it at petco but didnt buy it. Wanted some input. Thank you

09/19/11  07:23pm


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 UVB lighting

many of the zilla bulbs have a history of improper/off spectrum uv radiation, zilla has supposedly fixed the issue and i have personally used the circular zilla, without adverse results,
but personally, if your buying new equip, why not just use what has the best proven track history, that would be the linear(meaning straight tube/notcfl) reptisun 5.0, and the you wont have to wonder whether your uvb is part of the problem, every time there is an issue, (and there will be issues)
proper uva is almost as important

11/03/11  05:43pm

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