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 Getting older

I have a 2 yr. old panther cham. the past couple months he hasn’t been as active as he normally is. i was told as they get older they don’t crawl around the cage as much, is this true? i have him in a 6ft high 4ft wide 3ft deep cage that i built and he has been in this cage for about 8 months now. he is eating normally (gut loaded and dusted crickets and roaches as a staple with the occasional silkworm, hormworn, superworm as treats) and drinking (spraying and auto mister) normally. basking area 88 and reptisun 5.0 uvb. he looks great, arms and legs have nice V shape, eyes are full, doesn’t sleep during the day. i live in chicago and was maybe thinking it was because of the winter months (shorter days). His first winter he slowed down slightly, but this one was more noticeable.

04/20/11  08:49am

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