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 Red legged millipede

hi ive got a red legged millipede. am i right in think its a male because it is shiny(females are dull)?
i have got it in a tank which is about 2 times the lengh of the millipede i keep it quite humid and give it apples, bannas, mushrooms, tomatoes, carrot ect is this ok for it? i also scrape cuttlefish onto its food for its calcium and leave a chunk in for it, it has a shallow water dish in . i have a heat mat under half of its tank and have leaf mold for its substrate and have given it hiding places if any of this is wrong or if im missing any thing then please tell me!!!!

01/18/06  11:07am


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 Red legged millipede

a lot of millipedes are sexually dimorphic in that the male has gonopods, which makes it look like itís missing some legs from a segment by the head
i think itís generally seg 3 - 7 that is the one

not all mills are sex.dimorpho like that :(

01/20/06  06:23pm

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