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 Any one know

Hey. does anyone know what the largest centipede in Australia is?

I know the biggest endemic species in Australia is the Ethmostigmus Rubripes.

But the biggest species I know of that lives in Au as well as in other countries, is Cormocephalus Rubriceps at 200mm to 250+mm long. Is there any thing bigger than that in Au?

I’m just considering a centipede and I probably want the biggest I can get in Au?

03/25/10  07:11am


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 Any one know

The Ethmostigmus Rubripes is Australia’s biggest centipede. They get up to 200mm in length - average size is 150mm. We do have cormocephalus rubriceps in Australia, but they are not like those overseas. In Australia they are very small centipedes, maxing out to 40mm
hope this helps

04/21/11  02:08am

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