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 Forgive me

k u guys r gunna hate me but i just bought a millipede and i forgot what kind it it is! in my defense i wasn’t getting it for myself i was getting 2 for a friend so he pointed at a tank and i went over and got them... but i fell in love with them and only gave my friend one....

so, i know its from Africa and there where 2 options of millipede’s red and yellow (i got yellow) do u think u can tell me what i have with the little info i remember....

and would do you think freez dried bearded dragon food would be ok to give it...its freezdried fruits and a pit of vegies with some meleworms.....would the millipede eat around the meleworms?

11/30/08  04:21pm


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 Forgive me

I’m not sure what you’re upset over.
Anyway, I don’t know much. I have two myself though. There’s a good chance it’s just like an african millipede. Therefore it needs a cool, moist home with fruits and veggies to eat. Misting them keeps them moist. They usually get all their water from licking the drops of the walls and from their food. A very easy pet. Congrats and good luck.
Ps. Pictures coming soon?

01/22/09  01:20am

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