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 Centipede Setup ?

Hi I want to get a centipede and I have heard that they can escape easily. What should i keep it in.

kRITTER keeper
deli container

07/11/08  05:54pm


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  Message To: Pacmanfrog2   In reference to Message Id: 1791590

 Centipede Setup ?

I’d probably go with a small glass aquarium since centipedes have been known to escape critter keepers, and although I personally have never seen it before, there have been reports of centipedes chewing their way out of deli containers. A 10-20 gallon tank should be good for a large centipede.

10/30/09  09:08pm


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  Message To: Bugprotector   In reference to Message Id: 2090178

 Centipede Setup ?

yes they can chew their way out of deli containers and its scary to wake up and have a missing centipede roaming your house. Some Centipedes can even chew threw bone so go with a glass tank, taller than wider with a lock screen top. As long as its taller than the Centipede you should be good. They can not climb glass however they can climb the sealant used to seal the tank so a sturdy METAL screen lid should be a must have. They will chew threw anything but Metal. Make sure you have plenty for your little guy to hide under and lots of dirt to dig in. I wish you the best of luck hope i helped you out.

06/19/10  10:53pm

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