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 Need advice

Im new to this forum but not new to RZ... today I caught a hell of a keeper a Giant redheaded centipede here in Texas hes GORGEOUS!!! aggressive but beautiful! and he doesnt creep me out like spiders do...Now Ive kept venomous snakes, and other animals, but never an insect.

I would really like to keep this guy hes awesome about 4-6inches (moves so much hes hard to measure) At any rate Im trying to research as much as possible and I dont expect ridicule Im coming here for the first time asking for help because I am facinated by this guy and would like to keep him.. what kind of substrate do you recommend?? what does he eat (Im researching as much as possible, but this guy is just BEAUTIFUL his color the red head the bright gold legs the sleek black body) It honestly has be turning a new eye to the insect world and not just the reptile world..

any advice is greatly appreciated thank you!

10/04/07  05:48pm

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