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 Indentify centipede and house centidede Qís

Hi there

I posted this in another forum too... will here as well.

In Cincinnati, OH USA, a few years ago, I was cleaning and took off a painting on the wall to clean and only to my amazment saw what looked exactly like 2 house centipedes ... about 3-4 inches long... only they had like exotic blue and green feather like things extended from the sides of their bodies. The blue and green "feathers" were extended about 1-2 inches sideways.

Iíve never seen anything like it in this world. And "know it all" people never heard of it that Iíve asked.

THEN I never saw them again... they were too beautiful to kill... BUT all of a sudden I start discovering mass amount of house centipedes all over the house!

I am TERRIABLY phobic of these centipedes. And they are everywhere on 4 floors of this house..... this house Iím moving back to soon for a couple months.

I heard thereís no way to rid of them with chemicals ect.... is this true?

I heard they bite and is very painful and Iím not only concerned for myself and others... but my cat too to whom "pats" them and plays with them when she sees one.

My mom has never seen one..... I see them all the time. I know they hide well.

But Iíve woken up with some on my blanket right in front of my face... BIG ones.... and some right next to me while awake...

I mean no disrespect to insects.... but any advice? And any clue what that feather thing is?


08/03/07  02:19am

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