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 Where to get a centipede

Hi everyone... I live in Sacramento, CA and i have no idea of where to get a centipede... i wanted like a giant centipede but i been checking the local pet shops and couldnt find it... could anyone help me?... thanks in advance

07/12/07  12:30pm


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 Where to get a centipede

typically centipedes are hard to find in petstores. i know of a number of local petstores that carry bugs but do NOT carry centipedes as they have had bad bite or escape experiences

typically most people get centipedes from other hobbiests online or online bug dealers... or at shows

as it happens, there is a local group in the sacramento/NorCali area that could probably help you to find someone local. they donít have a website yet, but they are working on it. for now, here is a good point of contact
if you join up tell them that cacoseraph sent you ;)

ah, they are more the SF/ Bay area which is like an hour or two away from sac if i remember correctly.

check out the dealer review section on arachnoboards to find out what dealers have centipedes for sale. is in CA and typically has a few species for sale. they are good people there.

07/13/07  05:35pm


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  Message To: Cacoseraph   In reference to Message Id: 1357464

 Where to get a centipede

01/18/08  01:22pm

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