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 Some questions on a giant millipedes

Hi i was thinking of getting a giant millipede and i was just wondering

what kind of tank would you use?
what kind of substrate?
What would you need in the habitat?
What kind of heat source do you need?
Is it safe to hold them?

07/03/07  07:28pm


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 Some questions on a giant millipedes

I know this is several months old but I thought I would help :)

For one milli, I would recommend a tank at least 1x2 ft. Most sites recommend a tank that is at least twice the length of the milli on one side.

For substrate, coconut fiber works, or the forest floor or rainforest floor bedding you can get in any reptile section. I would also put some moss in and oak leaves for munching on and hiding under :)

Heating is not 100% necessary if you keep your home warm, but a heating pad or purple/red bulb would work best as they give off heat without too much light. They tend to be most comfortable in the dark.

Millipedes can gently ísuckí but Iíve never known one to break the skin or cause any real pain, they do this mostly to taste I think. They can emit cyanide when in defense mode but this is rare and generally causes no real harm to your skin. I always wash up before and after handling mine, because it can be irritating or harmful if you get it in your eye.

Hope this helps and good luck!

09/02/07  06:19am

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