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 Giant African Millipede

I am thinking about getting a Giant African Millipede soon, after a ton of research first of course. Could I use bed-a-beast for the bedding or do I have to use the peat moss/soil mix?


01/19/07  03:46pm


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  Message To: Glider   In reference to Message Id: 1139405

 Giant African Millipede

that stuff is fine

remember a lot/most millipedes will eat the substrate so you might consider adding some appropriate leaf litter or rotting wood to the cage for them to munch upon.

make sure it is nonaromatic wood and leaf stuff though, free of pesticides, and you might consider microwaving or baking it to kill "large" bugs that might hitch a ride ot your cage.

02/01/07  02:06pm


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  Message To: Cacoseraph   In reference to Message Id: 1156160

 Giant African Millipede

im scared when i hold mine that ill crush it or something

06/09/07  03:12pm

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