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 Giant Africans

Oh stop, I was talking about millipedes!

Anyway. What would the minimum surface space needed for a full grown one of these guys be? I’m looking to put one on the bottom of my crestie’s cage to help with bioactivity, but the cage is only 18"x18". Thanks for any help you can give me.

12/27/06  05:54am


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  Message To: AndrewFromSoCal   In reference to Message Id: 1108126

 Giant Africans

18x18 is plenty big, but i would be more concerned about the lizards getting sick from the defensive secretions the AGBs produce

01/02/07  02:42pm


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  Message To: Cacoseraph   In reference to Message Id: 1116260

 Giant Africans

Naw not at all. Millipedes make great cage mates for Crested Geckos. They are highly recommended in: "Rachtodactylus: The Complete Guide to there Selection and Care."

07/24/07  09:37am


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  Message To: TheGreatDictator   In reference to Message Id: 1372206

 Giant Africans

They are excellent in crestie cages. They turn the soil for live plants and help clean up missed waste products. Many cresties never even use the bottom of their cages if they have enough room to climb, which they should.

I would suggest though a ledge type of feeder instead of a ground one.

08/19/07  11:57am

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