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  desert Scolopendra questions

i have a question in our house we often find these centipededs and i was wondering how painful thier bite is and if its painful

also if anyone has been personaly bit and could me that would be great

11/20/06  12:28am


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  desert Scolopendra questions

it would entirely depend on were you are in the world.

i have been bitten by centiepedes hundreds of times by about ~7 different species. most of the bites had absolutely zero effect on me. some species hurt quite a bit to get bit by. none are traditionally considered medically significant.

if you are in the USA and you are talking about centipedes with black/purple/blue colored body then that is likely Scolopendra heros. i have never been bit, but everything i read indicates that they have a fairly painful bite. i have also read they have cell destructive component in their venom, which *could* mean a bite would take longer than perhaps expect to heal

11/20/06  01:57pm

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