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 Cat and new cats still fighing

About 2 months ago I brought home 2 3 month old kittens. I have another cat that is 2 years old and female.

When I first brought them hold I kept them confide in my office which has glass doors so both the kittens and my cat can see each other. I also rubbed towels on the cats and exchanged them so that they can learn each other’s sent about 4 weeks later I let them loose to explore the house, my cat is still not used to them and still hisses.

Now they run around the house and get into things and are even going as far as getting into my older cats "territory" which is my room. She has never attacked them or hurt them in any way and when she hisses her pupils are not dilated as in fear but rather aggression. The kittens have gotten used to her rather quickly and don’t pay much attention to her, unless she darts forward to hiss and they curl back in submission.

She and one of the kittens are doing better however, but she still won’t tolerate them. Is there another way for their relations to become better or should I give it more time?

03/29/16  09:51am


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 Cat and new cats still fighing


Cats are not big fans of change. It may take a very long time for cats to get a long, or "tolerate" one another. It sounds like your older one is doing pretty good, considering she has 2 new rambunctious kittens in her house. That’s a good sign that the older one is not attacking, just telling the kittens (hissing) that they are stepping out of line and sounds like they are getting the hint. With cats, it just takes time. As long as there are no serious fights, it should get better. Sounds like you did everything correct with how you slowly introduced them.

You could try a product called "Feliway Multi Cat" it is a plugin that reduces tension and stress between cats. You can pick that up at a vet or most pet stores/on line. Make sure it is the "multi-cat" as it has special pheromones to work with cat on cat stress. Another option would be a product called Zylekene, which is a sprinkle that goes over the food daily, should be able to get that on-line or at some vet clinics.

03/29/16  06:43pm

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