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Tam425   Takahiro111  

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 How to keep cat of geck tank

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to keep cat off top of tank? My cat only jumps on top of tank while I’m sleeping but I always catch him jumping down once he hears me coming. The top of the screen is now sagging in the middle and I’m afraid soon the cat will fall through and crush my gecko. Moving the tank behind closed doors in NOT an option as its only a 1 bedroom apartment.

I’ve tried the below so far with nothing has worked:
water bottle
double sided sticky tape and it didn’t work except for leaving paw prints & hair on tape.
X-Mat which is a mat with little prongs so cat cannot walk without stepping on prongs
motion sensor light

Any suggestions will be much appreciated. Thanks!

03/14/14  11:56am


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  Message To: Tam425   In reference to Message Id: 2304051

 How to keep cat of geck tank

I used a water bottle with mine and it worked(not cruel to just stop), then shut your door and keep the cat out the room with the gecko.

04/27/14  02:34pm

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